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2002-12-04 - 10:06 p.m.


Closing doors, cutting ties

Guess I see things in a different light

I'm half resigned to letting you go

But I can't remember when I've wanted something more

Memories please be gone

Why do you always find me alone?

Well I don't know where you've been

Or if you've been staying clean

Part of me well it never wants to know

But when you talk to me

I forget the pain you've put me through

Well none of this would matter now

If you would come back home

Well everytime I hear the door

I can't help myself from thinking

You have come to call

So where do I draw the line

Between wanting you and wasting precious time?

Now I've been blue and green

Solitude is haunting me

Well looking for another love

Has never crossed my mind

But if what I hear is true

And you have been unhappy too

Then time and tide

Will bring you back to me


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