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2002-11-15 - 1:42 p.m.

I've been incredibly slack writing in here, or anywhere for that matter. Let's see what I can come up with for today. I referred to a weekend away with Unifriends a couple of entries ago. That was the weekend of 27/10 I think, yes it has been a while :) 3 weekends ago? That sounds about right.

There's not actually that much to say about it, just that it's good catching up with my Unifriends on a regular basis, and it's a nice escape from the regular circles that my mind goes round in. We went up to the Blue Mountains for 2 nights, to a little weekender cottage in the middle of nowhere. On the first night there was myself, Tara and Tristan, Julie and Daniel, Jody and Anthony and Tara's friend Christine- in each case the former is the Unifriend and the latter is the partner :) Can you tell when I use real names in my diary- they don't sound like the Seven Dwarfs ;) There's no need to protect the identities of my Unifriends- it's not like I've shagged any of them or are in love with any of them :P

We got to this place in at about 9pm when it was pitch black, and there was some confusion over which cottage we were supposed to use. Apparently we had a choice, but both were locked so we ended up virtually breaking into one- only to find that there was in fact an unlocked door in the other one, but it was too damn dark to see it, and the other one seemed to have been prepared for us. Oh well, we explained most of the story to the owner the next day (I can't remember if we included the break-and-enter bit).

The girls made pizza, we ate, drank lots of wine and beer, played Trivial Pursuit and then gave up when it became obvious to everyone that I was simply too good. Maybe.

The next morning we awoke to discover we had a resident Emu. It followed us everywhere! At one point we went for a walk along a dirt road and I was kind of ahead- and when I turned around I saw 4 of my friends walking abreast of each other and the Emu following suit, like some bizarre outtake from "Stand By Me".

The Saturday was freezing, but we had a fireplace so it was okay. It was a nice lazy day, it made me think about retreating to some place like this all by myself for a week and writing, or just contemplating life or something.

Later in the day more of Tara's friends arrived, two couples and two other girls. One of them was Sally, who I'd met before, and who is a criminal lawyer. I find conversations with her fascinating, though I wonder if she gets sick of people asking her about her job in her spare time. The other people I hadn't met before were really nice as well- I think meeting new people is almost a hobby of mind, which is strange and kind of cool since I used to be so shy.

There were about 15 of us Saturday night so I was confident of finding 3 other people who were willing to play 500. That takes me back to my month on Jury Duty, we must have played literally hundreds of games then. So once again much alcohol was consumed- never accuse me of not being able to back up. I might have to use those skills again this weekend- tonight it's 2 for 1 cocktails with Annie and Jane again, and tomorrow my parents are having a party to celebrate my Mum's sculpture thingy being in "Sculpture By The Sea" (see previous entry). And then my brother is coming back from New Zealand on Sunday (that's got nothing to do with drinking, just a piece of unrelated news).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah- it was a really nice weekend, there's not a lot more to say about it. Stay tuned, I promised you an update on what's been happening at work at some point didn't I?


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