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2002-10-31 - 5:18 p.m.

There's heaps I want to write about, I've been so slack, so here's a quick point form guide...

* My weekend away to the Blue Mountains with my Unifriends (this, as you may have noticed, is an inference to friends I made through Uni, I actually haven't been a Uni student for 3 years).

* My Monday night with Annie, very similar in sentiment to Ellie's recent entry about having a really nice time but at the same time having to accept home truths about where things stand.

* What's been going on at work. It will make for fairly boring reading but I'd like to get it down. Some good and bad stuff, apparently I'm progressing pretty well since becoming permanent and am seen as possible future leadership material- the bad is that shift team changes are part and parcel of my job and I am possibly being shafted to a crappy team.


So that's three future entries already. But I have something else I want to say here first. When I first got introduced to Diaryland I thought it was a bit bizarre and freaky, having your intimate details put on the web. I was told knowingly that I would get addicted- I did. In a way what I thought would be intimidating turned out to be very liberating.

However I would like to make it clear that it is used for expressing your thoughts aloud- not addressing people directly. I admit I have done this once or twice, given that I know who reads my diary, I have occasionally thrown in the odd well-wish, apology or in extreme circumstance frustration. But there are clear sets of ethics in my mind when it comes to a person's privacy. Anything they are not willing to volunteer themselves is not the place of someone else to do it for them.

On my profile I have links to other diaries I read- some acquaintances, others I have simply stumbled across and I enjoy reading them. It is possible that some of these people are aliased in here- I talk about Ellie and she uses the same alias for herself. This was either by mutual agreement or because I knew I would be careful not to invade her privacy. What I don't appreciate is when I have chosen to alias someone, or they have chosen to alias me, with no reference to our diaryland names and a third party chooses to make links between various aliases of a person or persons of their own accord- I don't care what your agenda is, or what significance it might have to your life, or how angry or vindictive you might be feeling, it is not your place.

I'm the first to admit that there are times when I've done things I'm not proud of, hurt people unintentionally, let my personal values slide, but somebody's trust and my word are things that I hold sacred.


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