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2002-10-06 - 10:01 p.m.

I had a bizarre dream the other night. Actually that's not so unusual really, I think wandering through my subconscious could be considerably more bizarre then that scene in "Being John Malkovich", but I digress.

Some of the more vivid scenes included me being the passenger in a car speeding down the freeway which for some reason was towing my car (the "shitbox" of previous entries). Without warning the driver decided to go off the road "because it was quicker/easier". My instant and probably understandable reaction was "what about my fucking car??"

Sure enough it was no longer in tow- in fact it had split neatly in two, though nothing that was inside had spilled out. While I was pondering this turn of events one or two of my teeth decided to fall out, and when I tried to put them back in a few more decided to follow suit.

This dream was far too entrenched in symbolism to pass up, I felt. And so far I have had three suggestions. My Dad suggested that it was just a premonition of what would happen if I didn't get the bloody rust fixed. Thanks Dad :)

My friend Jane has a book on dreams and conveyed the following:

"Dreams of teeth usually relate to notions of self-worth. A dream of teeth falling out may be linked to the dreamer's fear of growing old, or to an anxiety about his or her self image"

"The dream car is a representation of the self. Most dream analysts associate men's car dreams with power, masculinity and sexuality. Car crashes are symbols of conflict, confusion and lack of control in your present life".

The third suggestion came from Cindy, when I told her what the dream book had said. Quite matter-of-factly:

"You need a shag".

I am Jack's sexual frustration.


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