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2002-10-01 - 3:25 p.m.


When I think about it, at least since I started getting into decent music, it is predominantly the Australian music scene that has left an indelible mark on me when it comes to the nineties. Well, from 1990-1995 I listened to Top 40 crap that isn't worth mentioning, and then 1996 and 1997 were spent familiarising myself with the likes of the Beatles, U2, Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, the oldies but goldies. So in terms of actual nineties music most of my favourite bands are Australian. I can think of 5 major exceptions to the rule, all of which I've been hugely into at one time or another. After #5 we come to the likes of Jeff Buckley, whose brilliance I'm not disputing but I can't compare my 2 Jeff albums fairly with my complete collections of said 5 bands, even if he did write one of my all time favourite songs ("Morning Theft").

I have most of Live's albums, but I only really like the first two (incidentally I'm only really a fan of the first 3 Radiohead albums and the same goes for the Smashing Pumpkins), and I really loved the Cranberries for a while but once again only the first couple of albums. All the others are bands that appear in my CD collection that I've never gotten obsessed over but still deserve a mention if I'm going to stretch my list out (of course there are bands like U2 and REM that I'm omitting because they've been around since the early 80s or before).

1. Ben Folds Five

2. Tool

3. Radiohead

4. Pearl Jam

5. Smashing Pumpkins

6. Jeff Buckley

7. Ben Harper

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

9. Sinead O Connor

10. Live


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