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2002-10-01 - 3:06 p.m.

I was just musing over the fact that there simply isn't enough room to list all your influences on the profile page. So I've decided to take you on a tour of my favourite musicians. Being amazingly anally retentive I am going to divide them into four categories.

1. Australian/NZ Artists 1990-2002

2. International Artists 1990-2002

3. Bands pre-1990

4. Solo Artists pre-1990

So I shall call this entry...


To qualify for the "Australian/NZ Artists 1990-2002" the artist must not have released any material per se prior to 1990. Hence the likes of Crowded House, Paul Kelly, Midnight Oil do not qualify, but Neil Finn as a solo artist does. And I've included Dave McCormack on the strength of his various projects over the last decade, even though for me the individual projects on their own (Custard, Titanics, Polaroids) don't quite make the cut. So here we go:

1. The Whitlams

2. Bernie Hayes

3. Machine Gun Fellatio

4. Stella One Eleven

5. The Lucksmiths

6. You Am I

7. Powderfinger

8. Neil Finn

9. Shihad/ Pacifier

10. Iota

11. George

12. Sneeze

13. Something For Kate

14. TISM

15. Alex Lloyd

16. Grinspoon

17. Darren Hanlon

18. Lazy Susan

19. David McCormack

20. The Living End


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