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2002-09-09 - 7:24 p.m.

As promised, Bernie Hayes lyrics pertaining to one of my earlier entries- It's called "Watch You".

I will do the same things for all time

If you let me watch you for a while

I will never trade you for a child

Believe me I am tired of being a liar

The trouble that we have just makes us fools

You can't tell me that's not true

You know it's a painted (?) little world

When we try and spend it being cool

I say that I will watch you

I will watch you

I'm telling you the world would see us smile

If you let me hold you for a while

I hear that you are tired of being used

You know I hope that that is true

'Cause I will never make you look a fool

The way some self-possed young romeo might do

I'll see you through


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