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2002-09-10 - 12:53 a.m.

i woke up from this dream i've been having the last couple of nights or so imagine a fall with no one at all to catch you a friend in need is a friend indeed i'll just sit here til everything is alright i will watch you remove the sad persistent thought serve yourself noone else can for you what you do for yourself and noone else fails like me but when you talk to me i forget the pain you put me through when we spoke through early morning i swear i saw your inner light i know what could have been try not to think about it i don't pretend to know what you want but i offer love if you need a shoulder to cry on i hope it will be mine there is nothing i won't do i've seen the needle and the damage done loneliness and a bottle of pills stay away from edges and ropes if you can play jesus to the lepers in your head time takes care of the wound i miss my beautiful friend you know tomorrow is a new day we'll stay up all night just to get it right it breaks my heart to see you cry tell him take no more she practices her speech memories like fingerprints are slowly fading when i touch you you won't feel a thing everybody hurts sometimes i wish i knew the right words to make you feel better maybe i'm thinking myself in a hole wondering annie waits but not for me another unsent letter in a pile addressed to you the time is gone the song is over thought i'd something more to say i found it hard it was hard to find oh well whatever nevermind


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